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Custom Builds

With Titan’s main focus being the long-range market, most of our services are catered to the weapon platforms that lend themselves to accuracy and precision at long distances. We do offer a number of services other than a complete custom build. Whether you need a scope mounted and bore sighted, or a re-barrel with muzzle brake installed, we've got you covered. Check out the list below of some of the services we offer. If you don’t see it on the list, just ask, as we probably offer the service. We do offer pistol and AR work as well.

Complete Custom Builds:                       POR
Re-barrel:                                                 $200 + Barrel Cost
Re-chambering:                                       $125
Throating:                                                 $75
Barrel Cut:                                                $75
Barrel Threading: 
            Indexed                                        $150
            Non-indexed                                $100
Full Action Blueprinting:                         $250
Receiver Facing                                       $75
Glass Bedding:
            Action:                                         $125
            Full:                                              $175
Recoil Pad Installation:                           $75
Trigger Install:                                         $25
Barrel Float:                                            $75
Muzzle Brake Installation: 
            Indexed                                       $150 + Brake Cost
            Non-Indexed                              $100 + Brake Cost
Bolt Knob Installation:                            $100 + Knob Cost
Custom Bolt Knobs:                                POR
Barrel Crowning
            11 or 90 degree                          $50
            Other                                          $100
Barrel Break-In and Sight-In:                $150*
Bluing:                                                    POR

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